The post-purchase experience is more than just moving goods from point A to point B, and why do we love Amazon and Qcommerce delivery companies?


Have you ever heard about the post-purchase experience? And what is the customer experience in general?  


Forbes describes the customer experience as the "cumulative impact of multiple touchpoints" over the course of a customer's interaction with an organization. 

 Customer experience involves every point of contact you have with a customer and the interactions with the products or services of the business. Customer experience has emerged as a vital strategy for all retail businesses that are facing competition.”  

But does every business have control and access to the consumer touch points after the purchase is over on the website and handed over to the logistics company?  


 We have to say a big thank you to companies like Amazon or Quick commerce companies who are burning cash every day. Why do we love these companies? Not because we believe in the sustainability of the business model that pretends to deliver within 15 minutes, and not because we support the dominance of Amazon, but because these companies changed and keep changing consumer expectations forever. And even if some of the delivery companies decide to leave specific markets, it is already clear to the consumers what the delivery experience might look like in 2022.  

So the market is not only ready for the experience in delivery but enjoyed it very much during the COVID and post-COVID times.  

The question is what you, as the business owner, with or without your fleet, are doing about this? Do you still want to offer to your consumers the classical delivery approach moving the good from point A to point B that can hardly be named as experience, or do you want to convert “cumulative impact of multiple touchpoints” into the business growth of your brand? To innovate and offer an Amazon-like premium experience without investing billions of dollars in the IT ecosystem or waiting for your competitors to win the market?  

We at VanOnGo offer more than just delivery, we provide merchants and D2C brands with a post-purchase experience and address the newly formed demand from the market. We include features like WIMOR (where is my order), real-time tracking, detailed statuses, and many more functions that convert logistics from a cost function to a business growth function! Each business can enable it in no time, regardless if you have or do not have your fleets.  


You can name post-purchase as new retail that might be interesting for the Marketing, Business Growth and Innovation Teams and all business owners, including Logistics companies who want to earn more revenue going from point A to point B. We are open to helping any business to sell more while delivering. Please talk to our Team and get a piece of advice.  

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