Practical Guidance: how to order delivery from IKEA in Kyiv

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Recently we got very positive feedback from our client Ivan in Kyiv, who was very happy when we solved his pain point. We asked Ivan to share his experience with us and decided to publish it on our blog.

“My family and all my friends were happy when IKEA decided to launch operations in Ukraine officially. We chose not to order immediately as there were problems with delivery and the lockdown imposed a lot of restrictions, but last week we realized that we had a lot of books that were scattered throughout the house, and we had been looking for a cupboard to put all books away.

So, we opened the IKEA website and ordered a cupboard for the price of around 3000 hryvnias. We were impressed that the order was available to pick-up tomorrow, but we were unhappy to see the price when we decided to order delivery. The cost for the delivery from IKEA on Stepana Bandery 36 to our village outside of the city was estimated as 1690 hryvnias. That was a shock for us, and we decided to look for an alternative solution.

We found the VanOnGo service on the web that we have never tried before but decided to test for the first time. I wanted to share with you the step-by-step journey and what we got at the end:

  1. We downloaded the app and placed an order. The estimated price for 2 hours’ time was 720 Hryvnas. Comparing that to the 1690 UAH offered by IKEA, VanOnGo was more than twice as cheap.
  2. We used the pick-up address of Stephana Bandery 36 (Blockbuster Mall), set the drop-off address to our village, and scheduled the order for the next day at 10:00 am. As this is the time when IKEA is open in Kyiv. If your address can not be found by Google Maps, especially common for villages around Kyiv, you can set a delivery point on the map.
  3. To ensure that a third party can pick up the order, we had to call IKEA and tell them the name of the driver. I wish that I could have a more convenient workflow, but that is how it works.
  4. When VanOnGo assigned the driver, we gave a call to IKEA so the driver could pick up our cupboard.
  5. After the driver picked it up, we could track the whole process using the VanOnGo app and see when the driver was close to our house.
  6. The cupboard was very heavy, but the VanOnGo driver was keen to help and bring the cabinet into our house.

Summary: Apart from the fact that I had to call the IKEA support team and tell them the driver’s name, the rest of the process was very transparent and convenient up until the end. I had visibility and control over the whole delivery process and could see the van on the map moving in my direction. Also, the price was more than 2 times cheaper than IKEA’s official delivery.

With this, I would like to give a big thanks to the VanOnGo team as they can handle the process exceptionally, and finally, we have the IKEA cupboard in our house now, and all the books are stored in order!”