Post-sales experience: Precise and customized notifications – do retailers and brands actually need them?

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When we, as consumers, search the Internet for certain goods, spending hours on various online e-commerce portals, we have a well-defined customer journey from the marketing and user experience team to maximize the chances that consumers will get to the checkout stage quickly and easily and place their order. Usually, the order is then transferred to the delivery company that will, in the best case, share with you the status as to whether the order has been dispatched and when you will receive delivery of your order (stay calm and wait during the day). In fact, you get this information too late when you decide to leave the apartment or office, and then all of a sudden you get a sms\e-mail that your order will arrive in 2 hours’ time.

So here we have the main challenge: there’s no opportunity for a business to control and influence the user journey in the post-sales process.

Consumers are left alone with the courier and businesses have no clue as to what the process looks like. All the touchpoints with consumers after the checkout process have nothing to do with the business brand with whom the people placed an order and the business cannot continue building brand loyalty.

Today, the last-mile delivery provider is seen by the consumer as an extension of the consumer experience that is aligned with the business brand and retailers want to engage with consumers after the checkout process is complete.

What consumers want:
  • To have a choice of the precise time window selection as to when their goods will be delivered​.
  • To track their package throughout the delivery process 
  • Not to have to adjust their schedule to the courier’s.
What Business wants:

Control over the entire consumer journey and to stay connected with the end customer and to try to convert all additional touchpoints for upsale that will leave a lasting impression and give consumers a reason to come back to the retailer brand, again and again.

Customized notifications, the logo of your company, a detailed description of the delivery item, and additional promo adverts of your brand are something that the VanOnGo service offers out of the box. So, the consumer feels himself or herself to be part of the seamless user journey, starting with the search of the product on the merchant e-commerce platform and ending with the point in time when happiness is delivered.

This means further opportunities for brands to build long-term relationships. It also involves converting mundane organizational experiences into moments of excitement for the customers who buy from them.

In unison with businesses, we at VanOnGo create the best post-sales experience.