Three important points to help you make more money on deliveries

Key strategies to boost your delivery revenue

Economic instability and transformative shifts in consumer behavior are propelling the delivery sector into a new era of adaptation. It's a call to action for retailers and fleets to seize this golden opportunity and harness the power of these shifting dynamics. Let go of constraints and unlock the door to endless possibilities, embracing a mindset that is brimming with creativity, adaptability, and agility.

So, how do you make more money on deliveries?


Achieving enhanced transparency and overcoming outdated technology are key factors in optimizing delivery efficiency. By implementing a comprehensive delivery platform, you can unlock the benefits of transparency, resulting in cost and time savings that strengthen your business.

If you're currently relying on Excel for route planning and sticking to the same monotonous route every day, it's time to consider a better approach. You have a hunch that there's a more efficient way to manage deliveries, and you're absolutely right. The transition to a delivery tech platform doesn't have to be overwhelming; in fact, it can be a game-changer for your operations.

Ideally, the delivery tech platform you choose should encompass all your tracking needs seamlessly. It should cover orders, routing, driver and customer communication, providing you with the crucial transparency you seek. Through integrated GPS tracking, you'll have real-time visibility of your drivers' whereabouts and schedules. This information can be combined with a customer communication history, keeping a log of the notifications they receive. In case of a failed delivery, you'll have access to all the necessary data to identify the root cause and take swift action. Furthermore, this valuable data empowers you to evolve your strategy and continuously improve. Additionally, logging the distance driven by your fleet for accurate business accounting will be effortlessly handled by the platform.

A user-friendly interface is essential for a seamless experience. Moreover, personalized onboarding and a responsive support team are crucial to ensure a smooth transition and optimized routing. These aspects work together to enhance transparency across the board, contributing to a stronger bottom line.


In addition to transparency, upgrading your delivery technology allows you to harness the power of optimized routing. By mapping out the most efficient routes in terms of time, cost, and fuel consumption on a daily basis, you can significantly reduce expenses and save valuable time. This is where advanced delivery technology, often leveraging AI and ML, comes into play. Through continuous evolution driven by each delivery, it enables improved future deliveries to the same location or area. Retailers with a substantial urban customer base particularly benefit from the utility provided by AI and ML insights. For instance, integrating traffic monitoring information enhances delivery tracking accuracy, which is crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction. Moreover, by incorporating weather data inputs, route timings can adapt to accommodate changing weather conditions.


It's no surprise that acquiring new customers costs more than retaining existing ones. Therefore, safeguarding your profitability requires ensuring that customers not only make a purchase but also return for future transactions.


Establishing a base of loyal customers is essential for maintaining a sustainable business model, and delivering an exceptional experience should be a top priority. As we mentioned earlier, providing customers with convenient and quick ways to include essential delivery details for their drivers is a key aspect of this effort. After all, customers are most familiar with potential challenges at their own addresses.

On the delivery and driver side, personalized real-time notifications have a significant impact. Having a technological platform that enables such notifications is crucial for creating a positive delivery experience. The ability to customize the communication flow further enhances this experience. By incorporating your brand's logo, colors, and language, you can provide customers with a seamless experience from the moment they place an order to the final delivery. This not only enhances the overall experience but also builds trust and fosters long-term customer loyalty.

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